"Perhaps it is my age or 40+ years of experience in the law, but it is compelling to comment that the performances of both counsel in this case, in terms of dedication to the law, to their clients, and to their scholarship make me proud to again call myself a 'Lawyer.'"

-- Judge Robert J. Polis (Ret.), commenting on the performance of counsel from Morris & Stone.


"All I can say is blessed are those who have you as their legal representative."

-- L.N.  (In a thank you letter to Aaron Morris)


"But just know that we are proud of the fact that you represent us and you do a damn good job of it!  And we love Deanna too!"

-- T.T. (Client on a real estate matter, referring to Aaron Morris and Deanna Stone Killeen)


"Aaron Morris is one hell of a good attorney."

-- J.C. (Counsel for Bank of America, addressing the court, after losing to Aaron Morris in Long Beach Superior Court)


“Deanna's great attribute as an attorny is her follow through, providing thorough, responsive communications to me about legal tasks required of her in the course of the proceedings I had to go through. She listened well, was empathetic, yet frank, then did whatever it took to respond until I was satisfied that I had all the facts, information, and next steps.”

-- S.U. (Business litgation client, referring to Deanna Stone Killeen)


"Aaron Morris, a partner at Morris & Stone, is a world renown expert on defamation, especially Internet defamation."

-- Barry Lynn (Radio host of nationally syndicated "Culture Shocks" talk show)


“Deanna has helped with quite the problem legal matter, however more than my attorney, she is very personable. Her deep knowledge and punctual nature makes her the perfect fit for this work. Great results Deanna, and thank you for laughing with me along the way.”

-- D.G. (Client on a business litigation matter, referring to Deanna Stone Killeen)


"I found her to be organized, able to evaluate the issues and potential consequences of actions that needed to be taken, and she also provided excellent follow-through on any request I made of her." 

-- S.U. (Client, referring to Deanna Killeen)


"Counsel, Mr. Morris is very methodically cutting your client to pieces." 

-- Judge Thomas McKnew  (Just two hours into what was estimated to be a three day trial, the Judge strongly suggested that defense counsel should talk settlement.)


Of course, these endorsements and quotes do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.